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Parto d’emergenza, causato dalla colestasi della gravidanza. “Avevo prurito alle mani e ai piedi che mi impediva di dormire”

Our reader Iulia Trișcă sent us a second story of premature birth, this time caused by the colastasis of pregnancy, after having previously shared the emotional experience of her first premature birth with the mothers of the Totul Despre Mame community. We tell the story of the birth, as it was written by our reader:

“This is my second story, which I can write, just like the first, with tears in my eyes. Before giving birth to the second child, 6 days to be exact, on 02.11.2021, I wrote the story of Domenico, my first child, who arrived at 35 weeks and was practically saved all alone! So, he is not only my hero, because he is also his hero! With the thought and the desire not to experience the same trauma at the second birth, respectively the trauma of premature birth, I wrote you that story, full of hope that this time my second baby will come to term. But where? He invented something much more terrible!

I really feel the need to ring the alarm this time! I was unaware of this terrible condition and due to lack of information or rare cases I have come to the point of losing both my life and my son’s! Since the beginning of the 3rd trimester, I have been experiencing very strange conditions, more precisely: yellow spots on the inside of the palms and between the fingers, spots that kept appearing and disappearing, itching in the limbs of such a high degree that I could I haven’t fallen asleep in days. I had these itches in my hands and feet and between my fingers and toes.

I passed out and woke up after 10 minutes

I went with them for a week, from week 33 to week 34. After a week in which I hardly slept at all, that is, I could count the hours, I decided to read a bit on the internet about my condition, to see if I am. , on the other hand, normal. Reading through, I reached pregnancy cholestasis! God, you know that every symptom on the internet leads to death, so I refused to believe it could be anything like that. But on Saturday 13 February I decided to call the Gynia clinic in Cluj, where I had a doctor and where I was about to give birth, to ask for a solution to my condition, which was getting worse and worse. It was horror, I couldn’t do anything because of the itchiness, I felt very weak and could barely keep my eyes open. Sometimes I even fainted, I think, if I may say so,

Of course, I kept telling myself that it was normal to feel so tired, because I still had a 3 1/2 year old and an 11 year old at home, so things had an explanation in my head. Calling the clinic, the doctor on duty answers me, to whom I confess my fear of cholestasis in pregnancy. The doctor, sensing my symptoms, did not deny it was a possibility and urgently asked me to do further liver tests, to be safe.

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What is cholestasis in pregnancy

Saturday afternoon I received the results and I clearly remember that the values ​​were enormous, very worrying even for me, who do not have much knowledge in the medical field. I’ve finished! I submitted the results and on Monday I went for an emergency check.

Cholestasis of pregnancy is a condition that usually occurs in the last trimester of pregnancy and causes severe itching in the hands and feet. It is also called obstetric or intrahepatic cholestasis, and although in many cases it is not a cause for concern for the mother, there is a risk that the fetus will be affected.

On Monday I went for an emergency checkup and seeing my tests my doctor was absolutely shocked. She immediately confirmed that it was pregnancy cholestasis and kept asking me if I didn’t feel bad, if I didn’t faint, she was amazed that I was standing, saying that a man with such values ​​is almost impossible to walk. They admitted me to the hospital and I was only 35 weeks old again. In my mind I was just saying, “Please, Lord, don’t let me have another premature baby, too low weight again, and if so, just to be both healthy, because I will fight every day next to him, just like I did with Dominic! “

I was at risk of liver failure

Unfortunately, in our case there is a high risk that both of us will suffer, both me and the baby. They hospitalized me, took my blood for a new series of tests, and by Tuesday morning I had too high values, so high that I was already at risk of liver failure, which prompted the medical team to remove it. baby, to save us both! I was finished, scared, and despite the whole medical team behaving flawlessly, for a second they didn’t show their concern on their faces, I still haven’t been able to calm down.

Dopo una serie di flebo, di iniezioni che preparerebbero i polmoni del bambino a funzionare bene, dopo 24 ore infinite dalla notizia che avrò un altro prematuro, mercoledì 17.02.2021, alle 10, sono entrato in sala operatoria con il sorriso sulle labbra, dopo una notte in cui ho pregato Dio di essere con noi in quei momenti, di finire bene.

Quando sono entrata in palestra e ho visto la mia squadra di supereroine, perché erano solo donne, sapevo che sarebbe stato grandioso. Erano tutti con il sorriso sulle labbra, scherzavano sulla mia condizione e ci prendevamo in giro a vicenda, solo per non stressarmi e creare un’atmosfera più rilassata, se così posso dire in quelle condizioni. Alle 10.10 è effettivamente iniziata l’operazione, durante la quale un’infermiera mi ha accarezzato la mano in modo così familiare, come se fosse mia nonna, a cui ho pensato durante l’operazione e che ho pregato che si prendesse cura di noi.

Un prematuro sano, oltre i 3 kg

Alle 10:40 il bambino era tra le mie braccia. Damian, perché questo è il nome del secondo bambino, è nato grande, sano, perfetto: 3.140 grammi e 54 cm, a 35 settimane. È stato solo un miracolo di Dio, che sento mi protegge sempre per tutta la vita. Per non parlare del recupero dopo il parto, non importa più, solo il fatto che 5 giorni dopo, 5 giorni di continua lotta di entrambi, insieme alla super equipe medica della Clinica Gynia, siamo tornati a casa a testa alta , felice e soddisfatto. , come se nulla fosse!

Sarò sempre grato a Dio per aver fatto due miracoli per me e per i miei angeli. Sono perfettamente sani, felici e soddisfatti! Damian ora ha 8 mesi ed è super intelligente e allegro, fa già tutti i tipi di guide per dargli tutte le attenzioni e per far ridere sempre i suoi fratelli. ”

Com’è stata la tua nascita? Hai partorito naturalmente o con taglio cesareo? È stato il momento della nascita come hai sognato o sei rimasto con ricordi tristi? Raccontaci del momento in cui è nato il tuo bambino, in circa 1000 parole, inviaci il tuo testo a [email protected], intitolato STORIA DI NASCITA e, se selezionato, apparirà in questo campo. Se hai anche delle foto del reparto maternità o dei tuoi primi giorni insieme, saremmo molto felici di vederle e pubblicarle insieme all’articolo! Grazie!

Se hai trovato interessante questa storia di parto prematuro causato dalla colestasi della gravidanza, ti consigliamo di leggere:

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