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I 3 migliori dispositivi di bellezza e benessere da provare quest’estate

It’s not just men who are gadget fans! Here are the three purchases of beauty & wellness devices that you deserve to make in the 2021 summer season.

The last year has taught us a lot, and one of them is that life isn’t easier if you stay home longer. With limited access to gyms, beauty salons, etc., we had to reorient ourselves. According to a recent study, the pandemic has led to an increase in gadget sales of more than 13% in 2020, and certain segments, such as wearables, have increased by more than 35% globally. However, these figures are not only due to successful promotional campaigns, but are mainly supported by the usefulness and effectiveness of these products, as I myself would find.

Why wear a fitness tracker?

I mean, why would you need a fitness tracker if you don’t do fitness, like in my case? “I don’t play sports”, “I get (many) notifications from my mobile” or “I also don’t want anyone to pull my sleeve because I can’t reach a certain number of steps” I said it every time I felt the need to explain to someone (especially those who wore such an accessory) because they don’t have a smartwatch or a tracker.

That was until I tried one, more specifically a Fitbit Luxe bracelet, a tracker that initially caught my attention due to the fact that it is a discreet and elegant accessory, designed for Fitness Monitor and a complete health assessment (it is available in Romania on July 1st, 2021), in the sense that it quickly identifies changes such as increasing stress levels (especially useful after the last period, in which, according to studies, the percentage of people affected by stress, both mentally and physically, increased to 50%), severe fatigue or other indicators ( Health Metrics) which can indicate a condition: breathing, resting and resting heart rate, body temperature, and soon blood oxygen saturation. Sudden changes are reported as potential signs of exhaustion, stress, or cold. Along with 5 days of battery life and unique design with a color touch screen and replacement accessories to match any outfit. The tracker is also equipped with alarm clock, stopwatch, timer, calls alerts, messages and notifications from its ownmobile phone , but also additional monitoring tools for nutrition, hydration, sleep, weight and menstrual cycle control, all available in the Fitbit application installed on the mobile phone synchronized with the device. In addition, when you buy the Luxe model (priced at 749.99 lei for the Fitbit Luxe , and the Fitbit Luxe Special Edition made with the Gorjana brand costs 999.99 lei), you also receive free access to the Fitbit Premium service for a period of 6 months.

If you practice an organized form of exercise, you can choose from 20 different settings to monitor physical activity such as golf, pilates, spinning or tennis. For those who prefer running, cycling or hiking, there is the possibility to activate the GPS function of the phone to record in real time the pace and distance traveled. And despite what I said, the messages of encouragement from the movement help a lot to maintain an active life and to reduce the periods of sedentary lifestyle just by taking a few steps around the house or taking a longer walk.

What is the connection between beauty and teddy bears?

Apparently none of this until I discover Foreo Bear, which despite the “toy” look that the shape and colors suggest, is actually a skincare device that combines microcurrent with T-sonic pulses to restore firmness. of the skin. , making it younger and smoother with each use. The transmitted stimuli soften the skin, while the T-Sonic pulses release the muscular tension of the face and thus smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

The device has a stronger microcurrent intensity, suitable for the whole face and is the only microcurrent skin care device in the world, equipped with an anti-shock system for super safe and comfortable treatment. It has an outstanding 3-minute “exercise plan” called Total Facial Knockout, which focuses primarily on the cheekbones, forehead, neck and jaw area, and the other four programs are available when using the hand device. Since the T-Sonic pulses allow for better absorption of active substances, it is recommended to use the BEAR device in combination with a special FOREO serum, specially formulated to increase the effectiveness of each treatment.

As for comfort, I could say that it is the type of treatment that can be addictive. And luckily, you can “play” with the teddy bear every day, morning or evening, keeping a 24-hour interval between uses. In fact, to get the most out of this cure, the manufacturer recommends using the device five times a week, once a day for up to 60 days, then 2 to 3 times a week to maintain results.

Garmin Venu SQ Smartwatch

What could be “new” in epilators?

È fantastico che l’epilazione permanente con luce pulsata intensa (IPL) possa essere eseguita a casa, con uno delle decine di dispositivi disponibili, dai formati “tascabili” ai dispositivi più grandi, paragonabili a quelli dei centri estetici, ma questa procedura non è adatta per l’estate, quando, volenti o nolenti, la pelle è esposta al sole. Quindi abbiamo la possibilità di epilazione a strappo, dove possiamo scegliere tra cera ed elettrodomestici. In quest’ultimo caso, il comfort dipende esclusivamente dal prodotto scelto, e il nuovo epilatore Silk Epil 9 Series con testina flessibile di Braun fa davvero la differenza.

Hair removal can be a chore, especially when you are in a hurry or if you simply have a very low tolerance for pain. But the new generation of Braun epilators proves that it is possible to get rid of unwanted hair quickly (thanks to the 40 tweezers) and painlessly (water can relieve pain), thanks to the innovative technology on which the new member of the Silk is based. the Epil family, Flex Wet & Dry, the first flexible hair removal device – an extremely important detail, which allows you easy access to any area. It features an intelligent lighting system and Micro-Grip, to highlight and remove even the finest and smallest hair, perfect for epilation in the shower.



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