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Come perdere peso in modo sano e naturale

It is well known that weight loss is achieved through the elimination of excess fat and fluids, as well as intestinal and kidney excretions. However, the fundamental rules for losing weight in a healthy, natural and lasting way are to burn more calories than those introduced with food thanks to a more dynamic lifestyle and a low-calorie diet. This means moving more avoiding prolonged sedentary lifestyle and choosing light but satiating foods, easy to digest and nutritious to be able to follow the weight loss diet without too many sacrifices. Would you like to know more? So, read the tips below on how to lose weight in a healthy and natural way.

What should I eat to lose weight?

To lose weight in a healthy and natural way, try to prefer foods rich in fiber, high biological value proteins and complex carbohydrates, while avoiding alcohol and foods full of fats, sodium and simple sugars. In addition to this, get used to drinking lots of water and herbal teas to rehydrate, induce diuresis and detoxify. In addition, to promote weight loss, we suggest you take metabolism-stimulating supplements and drinks that contain, for example, caffeine, theine and theobromine.

As already mentioned, the most suitable foods to regain a harmonious physical shape must contain few calories and be nutritious, easy to digest and satiating. In addition, it is preferable that they are prepared using delicate cooking techniques, such as steaming and boiling, or, if possible, eaten raw or marinated with oil, vinegar, lemon juice and spices.

What are the most effective foods for weight loss

The most suitable foods for weight loss are those that contain low fats and simple sugars and a good content of proteins, complex carbohydrates, fibers and micronutrients. For example, foods of animal origin such as lean meat (skinless chicken and turkey), egg white, lean fish (sole, cod, hake) and light dairy products such as yogurt, flakes are particularly protein. of milk and ricotta.

You can also get quality protein from certain plant foods such as soy derivatives, such as tofu, and low-calorie legumes (peas, lupins, green, yellow, or red lentils). Furthermore, to take proteins, fatty acids, mineral salts and many other substances useful for psychophysical well-being, do not forget the superfoods such as edible algae, including nori (protein), dulse (rich in iron), kelp (anti-cellulite) and spirulina ( detox), nuts, both in shell and dried, and oil seeds (for example, chia seeds and flax seeds). It should be noted that dried fruit and oil seeds can be taken in small quantities to break the fast, reinvigorate or enrich dishes as they are truly high-calorie foods.

As for complex carbohydrates and fiber, their ideal source are whole grains, such as oats, rice, corn, barley and wheat (to be cooked or taken in flakes or puffs), and bran, to be exploited also in bulk. , in tablets or sticks. Regarding where to find a large amount of vitamins, antioxidants, water-soluble fiber and mineral salts, we suggest you eat fresh fruit low in simple sugars such as berries, citrus fruits, watermelon and avocado, this last without exaggerating because it is a fatty fruit. For the same purpose, consume light vegetables to be prepared in salads, such as celery, cucumbers, lettuce, fennel and radishes, or to cook, such as asparagus, beetroot, broccoli and cauliflower.

Vegetables can be consumed, as well as whole or in pieces, also in the form of soups, broths, purées, soups, smoothies, juices and centrifuged for satiating, detox and energy purposes. To dress raw and cook food, prefer extra virgin olive oil, low-sodium salt and spice blends such as curry. To sweeten, use a moderate use of low-calorie sweeteners, such as stevia or fructose powder, and table sweeteners in drops, but also honey, molasses and whole cane or coconut sugar.

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Drinks and natural flavors to stimulate the metabolism

  • To lose weight effectively, it is advisable to take drinks and spices that stimulate the metabolism and allow you to burn accumulated fats. Here are some examples:
  • green tea: contains methylxanthines which induce lipolysis;
  • hot pepper: the active ingredient is capsaicin, a powerful fat burner;
  • black coffee: it is rich in xanthines, which help to move stored lipids;
  • cinnamon: one of its main compounds is cinnamic aldehyde, which helps to increase energy expenditure;
  • green coffee; contains chlorogenic acid, useful for controlling blood sugar;
  • black pepper: its virtues are due to the presence of piperine, a substance that allows you to burn more calories and prevent the accumulation of fats;
  • turmeric: inside is curcumin, which helps to drain liquids and consume accumulated lipids;
  • saffron: it is rich in B vitamins, essential for metabolizing macronutrients.

Which sports are best suited for weight loss?

Per perdere peso in modo sano e naturale devi anche praticare dello sport, per almeno un’ora al giorno, perché ti permette sia di ricavare energia dagli zuccheri e dalle riserve lipidiche, sia d’incrementare la muscolatura, in modo da accelerare il metabolismo e bruciare calorie persino stando a riposo. Le principali attività sportive consigliate per dimagrire sono:

  • Danza moderna
  • Nuoto
  • Arrampicata libera
  • Corsa
  • Ciclismo
  • Aerobica
  • Camminata veloce

Concludendo, ti ricordiamo che prima di effettuare l’allenamento aerobico è importante iniziare con un riscaldamento di circa 10 minuti per evitare gli infortuni. Inoltre, secondo gli esperti di fitness è bene alternare l’attività aerobica agli esercizi di tonificazione sia per rendere il work out più efficace sia per prevenire la diminuzione della muscolatura conseguente ad un allenamento cardio troppo prolungato. Infine, è indispensabile non trascurare le fasi di defaticamento e di stretching che servono a ridurre la frequenza cardiaca, normalizzare il respiro ed eliminare l’acido lattico prodotto con il training. Se sei interessato ad approfondire questa tematica e ad intraprendere un percorso sano e duraturo in merito alla dieta e al benessere del tuo corpo, puoi visitare il sito



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